Why an Art Cruise? 

Fine Art Connoisseur publisher Eric Rhoads and Editor Peter Trippi travel the world on assignment for stories and art events. In each visit, because of their deep connections in the art world, and because of the prominence of the magazine, they found themselves “behind the scenes” at museums, at private homes viewing collections, and visiting with families of artists in their homes, often the homes of historically important artists where they could view the artist’s personal collections. As they shared stories with friends they frequently received a reaction from friends wishing they could have these same experience, which prompted Rhoads and Trippi to create an annual event to share these experiences. The magazine prides itself in creating memorable experiences, which are not available to the general public, and not available on cruise line day excursions.

In 2010 Fine Art Connoisseur launched its first art cruise by visiting the Baltic region, including Denmark, Estonia, and Sweden, but especially Russia. Because of the magazine’s deep connections and extensive knowledge of art, we were able to provide participants with an exceptional experience going beyond anything offered by most tour operators. This included private access to museums and experts in the art community. Not surprisingly, our fellow travelers gave the cruise a 5-star rating and said they would return because of the deep aesthetic and intellectual experiences they enjoyed. (Of course, there was also the enormous side benefit of striking friendships with like-minded art enthusiasts, collectors, artists, and art professionals.)

That first cruise was organized by Michael Day~Media Incentives & Creative Travel Planners, which has created extraordinary travel experiences for three decades. This firm’s meticulous attention to detail has earned it a reputation as one of the world’s leading partners for such prestigious publications as Fine Art Connoisseur. Fine Art Connoisseur.

Our second cruise along the Danube in October 2011 was  another magnificent experience. Hosted by B. Eric Rhoads, the Chairman and Publisher of Streamline Publishing, which publishes Fine Art ConnoisseurPleinAir Magazine and produces the Plein Air Convention & Expo.

Our third cruise started with a pre-excursion in Venice, where we boarded our ship and cruised the boot of Italy, visiting Coru, Greece, Dubrovnik, Croatia, and various ports in Italy. We ended with a post cruise excursion in Florence.

About Fine Art Connoisseur:

Fine Art Connoisseur, your host for this trip, is the leading magazine focused on American and European representational paintings, sculpture, drawings, and prints—both historical and contemporary—with a special emphasis on artists trained in academies and ateliers. The magazine is widely admired for its lively coverage of unique stories written by the world’s leading experts, its exquisite illustrations, and its features on how to care for art collections, as well as its Hidden Collection feature, which highlights private collections rarely seen by the public.


About Peter Trippi:

Peter Trippi is the editor of Fine Art Connoisseur and a respected museum professional. He was formerly director of New York’s Dahesh Museum which specialized in 19th century European art.

He is the world’s leading expert on JW Waterhouse (1849-1917), having authored the Phaidon book “JW Waterhouse.” and organized the exhibition “JW Waterhouse: Garden of Enchantment“, which was presented recently to the Netherlands, England, and Canada.



About B. Eric Rhoads:

In 1989, Eric Rhoads founded Streamline Publishing, Inc., which publishes Fine Art Connoisseur (launched in July 2004). Based in Palm Beach, Florida, the company publishes books, magazines, audio and videotapes, and produces websites and conferences. Rhoads, sole shareholder of the corporation, writes a column in each issue of Fine Art Connoisseur where he is known for his outspoken and frank commentary. Eric Rhoads is the Chairman and CEO of Streamline Publishing, Inc. and is the founder and Publisher of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine. Rhoads is also a collector of Russian and American artworks. Because of his portrait project to keep portraiture from life alive, Rhoads commissions a portrait sitting by the world’s leading portrait painters to create a portrait for each column he writes in Fine Art Connoisseur, which makes him one of the most painted men in history.

Rhoads, who was a finalist for the Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year Award has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, the Miami Herald, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, and over 400 newspapers and magazines. He has been featured on CBS TOMORROW Show, CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, and was the featured subject of the NBC sitcom NEWSRADIO. In 1997 Rhoads published his first book Blast From The Past: A 75 Year Photo History of Radio. Rhoads is also published in the Columbia University Media Studies Journal. He is a former owner of multiple radio broadcasting stations.

Rhoads is a frequent speaker on the subjects of fine art, marketing and radio broadcasting. He is also a frequently invited judge for art shows.

Rhoads and his wife, Laurie, are the proud parents of triplets. In his spare time, Rhoads collects fine art, and fine-tunes his skills as a photographer and as an artist.

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